About Transil

Making silos and accessories for over 30 years.

Founded in 1987, Transil has been making silos and accessories for 30 years. We have grown into a professional producer of silos and accessories for various complex silo projects. In 2013 Transil B.V. was taken over by the Vogten Staal Groep and continued activities as Transil International B.V. This gave us the chance to keep growing, and presented new opportunities for expansion in the future.

The strategic location of Transil International allows us to efficiently supply products in the Netherlands, Germany, Eastern Europe and abroad.

Transil International has extensive machinery, especially equipped for the production of your silo components. We own, among other things, CNC lathes, various welding robots, a separate spraying hall and a warehouse. This makes Transil International capable of producing high-quality silos.

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Team Transil International

Our employees are the beating heart of Transil International. Our team is highly motivated, determined and knowledgeable, so that we can provide customers with the very best assistance. Together, our staff form Transil International. They have made Transil what it is today: a leading silo builder.

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