Square silos for efficient storage of dry bulk.

You can use silos for the storage and processing of dry bulk products. For example: raw materials, minerals, flour, feed pellets, coffee (beans or ground), plastic granulate, wood pellets, etc.

You often encounter Transil International silos in:

  • the feed sector (feed factories)
  • the food sector (coffee roasters and beer breweries)
  • the recycling sector (plastic factories)
  • the construction sector (such as cement or grit)

Transil International silos are perfectly suited to the processing and storage of bulk products. This allows you to work more efficiently. We have built silos all over the world. Their robust construction and sealed walls make them valued everywhere. You can rest assured that you will be able to rely on a Transil silo for at least 30 years.


Coffee roasters and beer breweries


feed factories and agricultural sector


Plastic factories


Cement, sand and grid processors

Square versus round

Square silos are more expensive than round ones, but a square silo offers many advantages.

Thanks to a more efficient use of floor space, storage capacity can increase by 22%! Another advantage is that you can use the silos indoors. This way, they can be made part of the structure, and are easier to integrate with the production processes. Many customers also greatly benefit from the fact that square silos leave less room for dust and vermin, thereby improving the hygiene of the production process.

Transport is also more convenient thanks to the separate elements we assemble on-site.

Advantages of a square silo:

  • 22% extra storage space
  • part of the structure
  • better integration with production processes
  • savings on transport
  • better hygiene for production process
  • better return on investment (ROI)

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