Square silos

Transil International supplies square silos and accessories, such as funnels and cell decks, depending on your requirements. The silo blocks are constructed using a flat wall or a sheet pile wall. The silo walls are used on 2 sides, so no dirt can accumulate between the cells. There are systems that are constructed as individual containers. If two are adjacent to one another, the walls are only loaded on one side. This means that there is space for vermin between the two cells. At Transil we work with a modular system, which uses only one partition wall between two cells. This way we keep vermin under control.

Thanks to the square shape, there is no unnecessary space being wasted between the cells. When compared to round cells, this results in a 22% increase in available floor space. We build custom-made cells for you. You can choose from various sizes and heights in one silo block. In addition, transport is made much easier because we carry the silo in the form of perfectly fitting, easy-to-install elements. This means that we avoid unnecessary transport costs, keeping total expenditure as low as possible.

Our silos are very high quality, very stable and easy to install. Calculations are made for a silo based on the currently applicable standards.

Silo accessories

The following silo components are available from Transil International:

  • Silo walls
    • Flat wall
    • Sheet pile walls
  • Funnels
  • Cell decks
  • Steel constructions
  • fa├žade cladding
  • Assembly

All Transil International products are delivered to you custom-made and in various types depending on:

  • required cell sizes
  • required mounting system; (sliding profiles (plug profile) or columns with nut and bolt connection)
  • explosive load ATEX
  • product properties
  • required colour and painting system

In addition to well-known primers, we also use an epoxy coating that was specially developed for Transil International. This is certified as a surface treatment for silos for foodstuffs and animal feed. An advantage of our own epoxy coating is that we can make changes to it at the construction site.

In consultation with you, we determine which properties best suit the processes and products used in your project.

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