Cell decks

Cell decks custom-made to your requirements

Cell decks are project-linked products. Based on your various requirements, Transil International designs a high-quality cell deck that satisfies the applicable standards and fits your silo perfectly.

You can request a cell deck with a man hatch, filler and level indicator (can be sunken). All of this is available in various models and conservations.

Cell decks according to ATEX standards

Transil International supplies suitable cell decks that are safe, based on the standards specified by the ATEX regulations. You can have the cell deck fitted with explosion relief surfaces. Our experience has shown us that this has a significant effect on the design, production and installation of the cell decks. Transil International offers the right solutions for a wide variety of cell decks. For every cell size and conservation you need:

  • divisible for transport purposes
  • with man hatch, filler or (sunken) level indicator
  • explosion panels in accordance with ATEX

Dustproof man hatch TI 2.0

Transil International has developed a dustproof man hatch that can be fitted to cell decks designed by us. You can also purchase this as a separate component.

This man hatch is of outstanding quality and is fitted as standard with:

  • central man hatch lock
  • 4-point lock that ensures sealing that is dustproof up to 0.1 bar
  • underlying hinges
  • thermally galvanised grate with lamp hole
  • flat plate lid

The structures components have been electrolytically galvanised and then expertly assembled and tested. This ensures maximum lifespan and functionality. You can choose from the following options:

  • extra lock on the grate
  • lid conserved in the same colour as the cell deck
  • lid with anti-slip stripes

Hoisting fittings

In order to allow installation to proceed as simply and safely as possible, we equip our cell decks with hoisting fittings as standard. This allows the cell decks to be safely hoisted to the top of the silo using 4 lifting points.

Transil International supplies the required hoisting loops for the installation as standard. This way the installation team can finish their work as quickly as possible, and safety is guaranteed.

The hoisting eyes are then closed using a bolt, ensuring that the cell deck has a tidy appearance. It is possible to leave part of the cell deck unfastened, which can then later be used as a maintenance opening by opening the deck by the hoisting fittings.

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