Transil funnels for better flow

In addition to silo walls, the right funnels are also important. They allow you to properly process products from the silos.

An unsuitable funnel for the stored product can cause problems such as:

  • irregular flow
  • residual product
  • spoilage or ageing
  • blockage
  • etc.

Our carefully designed funnels allow you to avoid such flow problems.

Core or mass flow

It is important to be aware of whether core or mass flow occurs during emptying. This is partly determined by the shape of the funnel.

Transil designs the funnel based on the properties of the product to be stored in the silo. Generally speaking, mass flow is preferable. The combination of our silo walls and funnels ensures smooth flow.

Mass flow

Mass flow means that the entire content of the silo moves when product is removed.

Advantages of mass flow:

  • first in – first out
  • regular flow
  • limits spoilage or ageing

Core flow

Core flow means that the product flows at the core of the silo, causing stationary zones to form at the sides. This can result in ageing of the product. As a result, core flow is only applicable for solid, freely flowing products that are not affected by ageing. For example in the construction or recycling sector.

Transil International has the knowledge and experience in house to calculate, produce and deliver the ideal funnel that perfectly fits the silo and meets all your requirements.

In addition to a good strength calculation, we also consult with you to determine which method of installation suits your specific situation the best.

Transil International produces funnels based on:

  • product properties
  • friction between product and wall
  • 1, 2 or multiple outlets, and with symmetrical or asymmetrical outlets or round outlets.
  • transport (if necessary, we divide funnels so that we can transport them more efficiently)

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