Silo walls

Every silo begins with the right choice of wall.

Transil International supplies silo walls for the construction of steel silos with square cells.

Here, you can choose from two types:

  • Flat/smooth walls
  • Sheet pile walls

Flat walls

Flat walls are most suitable for difficult-flowing products (such as flour). Here, the design of the funnel is crucially important. Double flat walls should also be chosen if the pressure on the wall will be high. These can (depending on the chosen internal reinforcement) tolerate relatively high product pressure or explosive pressures. The double flat wall panels are fully waterproofed and are stacked so that they are dustproof.

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Sheet pile walls

These single silo walls take up less space than the double silo walls. The profile itself provides the necessary strength. A sheet pile wall is an excellent solution for an easily flowing product (such as green coffee beans). The column plates of the sheet pile walls are welded to the profiled wall by robots very efficiently and optimally. These walls are cheaper than flat walls, but are still of very high quality.

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Combination of flat walls and sheet pile walls

Sometimes, we use flat walls in the lower part of the silo and sheet pile walls further up. This is sometimes a financially beneficial solution, but is also often chosen to optimise the flow of products to the funnels.


You can have the silo walls installed in two ways. The first option is to use columns with plug profiles. Here the column plates are slid together and then filled with concrete. Depending on the wind, explosive and production stresses, it is often necessary to weld part of the vertical seams.

The second option is the connection of column plates using nut and bolt connections. Here the columns are assembled with nuts and bolts and it is not necessary to weld them during installation. Both methods result in a stable, sturdy silo that meets all requirements and standards for silos.

Special walls

Transil International has extensive experience with special solutions for renovation and cell segmentation of silo walls. Special projects are an engaging challenge for us, and we would be more than happy to look for the right solution with you. You can trust us with your special requirements! See service provision for more information.

Static calculations for Silos

Transil International carries out calculations for silo blocks, funnels and cell decks according to European standards. In addition, we can also make calculations that take ATEX legislation into account. So Transil International silos are always safe and reliable, wherever you build them.

Upon request, we can also take extra costs into account when making calculations for the silo. For example, the placement of machines above the silo, inclusion of overhead steel structures, weather conditions such as wind and snow or a project in an area at risk of earthquakes.

Transil International has developed a powerful program in-house, with which it is possible to very efficiently and quickly make calculations for a silo block according to the Eurocode. We also work with specialist engineering bureaus. This enables us to quickly draft quotes and deliver an end product.

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