Flat walls

Flat walls

Flat walls are most suitable for difficult-flowing products (such as flour). Here the design of the funnel is crucially important. Double flat walls should also be chosen if the pressure on the wall will be high. These can (depending on the chosen internal reinforcement) tolerate relatively high product pressure or explosive pressures. The double flat wall panels are fully waterproofed and are stacked so that they are dustproof.

The main advantage of flat walls is that they remain clean. Unlike sheet pile walls, flat walls do not have any edges on which products can accumulate. As a result, they are very suitable walls for finer materials. Furthermore, a flat wall ensures a more hygienic overall system.

On both the inside and the outside, waste will not remain on the walls. Thanks to overlapping materials and applied dust sealant, Transil International’s flat wall is an exceedingly well-sealed structure. It is not possible for products to flow from one silo cell to another, and product cannot get into the walls. This prevents the occurrence of moulds and vermin.

The high-quality finishing on the joints and the sealing of all the holes make the flat wall perfect for a hygienic factory with a sleek look.

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