Sheet pile walls

Sheet pile walls

These single silo walls take up less space than the double silo walls. The profile itself provides the necessary strength. A sheet pile wall is an excellent solution for an easily flowing product (such as green coffee beans). The column plates of the sheet pile walls are welded to the profiled wall by robots very efficiently and optimally. These walls are cheaper than flat walls, but are still of very high quality.

By using sheet pile walls, we make optimal use of the space available in a factory. The single wall system is made strong enough by settings in the material. The settings are angled to prevent residual product remaining on them, so that the silo cell can be emptied as thoroughly as possible. These walls are particularly popular for coarser products that are easier to get out of the silo.

The walls are made from single steel plates. Naturally, these plates are fitted taking account of the pressure that will build up in the silo and the friction that occurs during filling and emptying. These single walls cost much less than flat walls as a result.

However, in case of too much pressure building up due to bulk goods, or due to explosive pressure, it may be better to choose a flat wall.

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