Guidance from request to completion

We understand that the success of a project depends on the right planning and coordination. In this regard, we put your interests first. In order to ensure success, we provide the following services along with the product itself:

Static calculations for Silos

Transil International has developed a powerful program in-house, with which it is possible to very efficiently and quickly make calculations for a silo block according to the Eurocode. To supplement these calculations, we also work with specialist engineering bureaus. This enables us to quickly draft quotes.

These quotes directly satisfy the relevant standards. This immediately provides us with a very detailed price, and we can offer you advice on the possibilities and impossibilities with regards to construction.

Upon request, we can also take extra costs into account when making calculations for the silo. For example, the placement of machines above the silo, inclusion of overhead steel structures, weather conditions such as wind and snow or a project in an area at risk of earthquakes.

Transil International carries out calculations for silo blocks, funnels and cell decks according to DIN1055 and European standards. In addition, we can also make calculations that take ATEX legislation into account. This means that Transil International silos are always safe and reliable, wherever you build them.

Other services:

Project planning

The delivery of our products must be planned seamlessly with the installation of your project. We process this planned schedule in a professional ERP system. In 12 to 14 weeks’ time, your silo is designed, produced and installed on-site.


Based on design drawings, we make a 3D model with which we integrally align all of the facets of the silo components. This ensures the optimal functionality of the various components. Our engineering department is part of the business office. This makes it possible for it to be optimally coordinated with production and sales.


All components are given a unique number that ensures the traceability of the components. Based on this identification system, we can follow all the steps during the production process, and also during storage, shipment and installation. Do you have a problem later on? Thanks to this number, we can solve it quickly!


We can store the walls in heated halls. This allows us to guarantee optimal loading. The materials will not deform thanks to the constant temperature.


We package the products in stable packages, using the right materials to prevent damage during transport. We can also load our products into shipping containers, as well as arrange the paperwork required for overseas shipment. This way you can be sure that your silo will make it to your location in one piece.


Upon request, we can also arrange transport for you. We do this efficiently, making efficient use of all the space in the container or lorry.


You will receive an installation guide to help you correctly install the silo. This guide specifies the order of assembly, and highlights specific important issues.

Would you rather not carry out the assembly yourself? We would be happy to do it for you. You can happily carry on with your own work while we install the silo.

Renting mounting platforms

You can rent certified mounting platforms from us for the duration of the project. We adjust these platforms to the exact dimensions of the cells. In addition, we provide them with the necessary prescribed resources to guarantee safe use.

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