Champagne! The highest square steel silo in Europe has reached the top.

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Our client came to us with his ambitious plans just three years ago, and this summer the grain harvest can already be stored in it. The silo has reached its highest point, and our work is as good as done. It was a challenging project: pushing boundaries in height, design and implementation, with a lot of innovative and client specific solutions to make ideal use of the surface area.


We didn't doubt for a second

And yet, we never doubted that we could do it. Because of Corona we couldn’t spend a lot of time at the location, and still we managed to keep the construction time within the original planning. Partly thanks to the good preparation of our team and the pleasant collaboration with the installation company, that put the silo together in only 35 weeks!

Details of the silo

Now we can look back and enjoy a time-lapse that perfectly shows how this square silo was built. Details of the silo:

  • Silo height: 47.6 metres (total building height 64 metres)
  • Number of cells: 128 (including 16x RVS-cells)
  • Cubic metres: 56,000< m³ (that is over 1,500 bulk trucks)
  • Storage of grain, moistened grain, bran, flour and waste flows
Round or square?
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