Silo bin covers from Transil

Having fully dustproof and hygienically sealed silo cells is paramount for your bulk product. Our custom bin covers connect seamlessly with our silos to ensure no dust or vermin can get in or out. These floors can also be safely used as workspace, even meeting ATEX standards where necessary. Something you should definitely take into account when storing dry bulk. In addition, we offer design optimization and provide the bin covers with the necessary related components, like level-indicator housing or flange filters.



Unique with underlying hinges, making sure nothing protrudes from the top. Extra safe, hygienic and easy to use. Our custom-made hatches are galvanized or can be made of stainless steel or sprayed.


Our railing makes it possible to work safely on the cell deck. The railing has been standardized, using a clever design, making it simple and consistent design to install in terms of dimensions.

Silo components

Have a look at our various silo components below:

Silo walls

Transil International supplies silo walls for the construction of steel silos with rectangular cells. Tailored and suitable for the type of product and the amount you wish to store.

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The only time where a square peg should match a round hole. We can design unique custom funnels to ensure perfect drainage for your specific product.

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Steel construction

We can take care of the steel construction to ensure an optimum fit between silo and steel construction.

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Circle or square?
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No sure about whether to go with a round or a square silo? We can explain the benefits of a square silo in detail.

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