Why choose a square silo?

Looking for efficient dry bulk storage? A square steel silo is an excellent option that offers many appealing advantages. Here is a selection!

  • Storage and construction in one

One major advantage of a square steel silo is that it functions as both storage and framework within a building. It is even possible to construct silos inside existing frames.

  • Efficient use of floorspace

Square silos offer optimum use of available floorspace for a more favorable footprint. The rectangular shape means that no space is wasted between the cells, and the square frame allows for substantial vertical builds.

  • Modular assembly

With individual walls that can be moved anywhere, modular assembly within any existing building or in any given situation becomes a possibility. This ensures an efficient construction process. Made to measure.

  • Custom sizing

Whether it is two or sixty meters tall, our square silos can be constructed in all sizes and dimensions.

  • Different products stored side-by-side

Because the interior of the construction uses individual cells, it is possible to store different products in different quantities side-by-side in our silos.

  • Easy transport and assembly

Square silos are easy to transport, as the walls can be stacked to make the best possible use of trailer volume. In addition, the square cell blocks are easy to assemble and construct, both in interior and exterior locations.

  • Dustproof storage

Our silos are dustproof. The use of silo walls on either side means there is no possibility of dirt or vermin finding a way between the cells.

  • Fully resistant to outside influence

High wind loads, heavy snowfall, or risk of earthquakes. We calculate the exact strength needed for a silo in the intended location to make sure exterior influence do not affect storage.

  • ATEX standards

Our silos can be produced in compliance with ATEX standards.

We build your custom square silos!

Aside from the many advantages of square steel silos, the key advantage of working with Transil International is in the custom work that we provide. Our team is accustomed to building silos for the full variety of external environmental factors, all tailored to specific process optimization, within existing buildings or at newbuild sites. We have done it all, and the best thing is: the silos that we have built over the past 30 years are still standing today!

Want to know more about the possibilities for your dry bulk storage? Contact us. We will be happy to help!

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