Square steel silos for storing other resources

Are you looking for practical storage for your product? Whatever your product may be; we can build a suitable silo complying with all standards. As our products offer high-grade food storage capabilities, we can handle virtually anything!

Our square silos are perfect because the individual cells can easily be assigned different kinds of storage products. A convenient solution if you are looking to store varied products. Prices per cubic and square meter are favorable because we can build upwards, with no wasted space between cells.

We regularly receive requests for storage of all kinds of new products. We welcome a challenge, so contact us today to see whether our silo solutions are the right solutions for storing your bulk product.

  • Seed (soybeans + seeds + sunflower seeds)
  • Plastic granulate
  • Wood pellets
  • Biomass/fertilizer pellets
  • Construction/chemicals
  • Silos meet all standards Food safety certification, Calculations standard in accordance with EN1991-4 or the applicable standard for your region.
  • Satisfied customers in the feed sector Making our customers happy for 30 Years, supplying more than 1000 silos

Renovation or new build

Don’t want to waste a second thought on your dry bulk or resources? We offer full service through our custom silos for any location and storage product type. Hygienic, sustainable, and tough as nails.

As an independent silo specialist, we focus on your specific needs. Our manufacturing capacity lets us produce all components in-house, allowing us to offer high-quality custom solutions. Whether you need a new build, a renovation, or a silo retrofitted into an existing building – with over thirty years of experience, we know exactly how to handle any location, and which product calls for which solution.

Want to know more about our solutions for you? We welcome a challenge!


Silo's specialized for other applications

Have a look at our various silo components below:

Silo bin covers

Our custom bin covers fits the silos seamlessly, and can be safely use as workspace, even meeting ATEX standards where needed.

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Silo walls

Transil International supplies silo walls for the construction of steel silos with rectangular cells. Tailored and suitable for the type of product and the amount you wish to store.

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The only time where a square peg should match a round hole. We can design unique custom funnels to ensure perfect drainage for your specific product.

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Steel construction

We can take care of the steel construction to ensure an optimum fit between silo and steel construction.

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Circle or square?
We like to help you!

No sure about whether to go with a round or a square silo? We can explain the benefits of a square silo in detail.

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