Off to a flying start: the construction of Europe’s largest square silo

Reading time: 5 minutes by ferventdigital

The foundation is in place and the construction of the largest square silo in Europe is proceeding smoothly. 134 hoppers and 2000 silo walls have been mounted since we started assembling the steel parts at the beginning of April. Therefore, we have already reached 20 of the total of 64 meters we set out to erect from the ground up.


We did a good job

The engineers have done their job well, as despite the project’s near overwhelming size and the current pandemic, they were able to facilitate the mechanics’ steady work pace. In addition to the good preparations, this was also due to the pleasant cooperation with all parties involved.

In the near future, the foundation will be expanded with 44 silo cells next to the existing building. From a technical point of view, this will be a challenge. However, from then on, we will only be going up: Sky High!

Off to a flying start

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